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The ASSOCIATION OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATORS OF NIGERIA (AVTEN) was inaugurated in the 1970’s at the university of Nigeria Nsukka as a student organization in collaboration with international vocational associations.
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22nd International Conference of the Nigeria Vocational Association Held at Aper Aku Auditorium, North Core, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, From 28th-30th October, 2014


1.0 Preamble 
The 22nd International Conference of the Nigeria Vocational Association (NVA) addressed the theme Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Sustainable

Human Security and National Development. The three-day conference focussed on the need to inculcate the right knowledge, skills, attitude and entrepreneurship mindset for employment, job generation and self-reliance,for reducing human insecurity.

2. 0 Opening ceremony  
The opening ceremony was attended by the representative of the Honourable Minister of Education, Dr Wale Kareem. The ceremony was presided over by the representative of the Vice-Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi (FUAM), Professor Rufus Sha’ato. Also in attendance were the Registrar of FUAM, Barr. (Mrs.) C. C. Ohemu, the president of NVA, Prof. Patrick E.Egbule, Chairman Local Organizing Committee, Prof. A. O. Ochu,  the keynote address presenter represented by Prof. E. C. Osinem and the lead paper presenters, Prof. Kazzem A. Salami and Prof C. Igbo,represented byDr T. C. Ogbuanya.  The ceremony was also attended by intellectuals from tertiary institution across the federation and beyond and other stakehoders

3.0 Plenary Session
At the plenary session, papers were presented by conferees in various groups based on the areas of specialization.

4.0 Highlights
Arising form the speeches at the opining ceremony, paper presentations, discussion sessions and contribution of the participants, the following observations were made:

  1. A critical success factor in the actualization of Nigerian vision to become one the twenty (20) largest economies (Vision 20:2020) is the mass production of people with requisite Vocational and Technical competencies.
  2. Rapid industrialization of a number of countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South chorea, amongst others has been as a result of well articulated TVET policies aimed at developing relevant human capital.
  3. Revitalized TVET system is central in inculcating the requisite skills, abilities and entrepreneurial mindset in the citizens and in conflicts and insurgency reduction in our society. No nation has ever successfully pursued its development agenda in the face of escalating human insecurity, accelerating employment and its associated waste of human resources.
  4. The initiative of the present administration under the leadership of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, in making TVET as a key component of the transformation agenda is highly commendable.


  1. The Federal and State government should declare a state of emergency in the TVET sub-sector.     
  2. The Federal and State government should partner with Nigeria Vocational Association (NVA) to come up with actionable blue print on effective advocacy, sensitization and mobilization programmes to reverse the misconception and apathy of Nigerians towards TVET.
  3. For Nigerians to realize the objectives of TVET, there a need for the development of a stand alone National Policy on Technical and Vocational Education.
  4. The National Master-plan for Technical and Vocation Education (TVE) Development in Nigeria in the 21st century (2001 - 2010) is over due for review in view of the quest of Nigeria to become one of the largest economies in the world in the year 2020.
  5. The conferees mandated the president of the association to pay visit and seek audience with the Honourable Minister of Education on how to reposition TVET in Nigeria.

The participants commended:

  1. The Honourable Minister of Education, for his concern in Education, presence and good will massage to NVA.
  2.  The keynote and lead paper presenters for the quality of papers delivered and insightful discussions to confront human security and national development through TVET.
  3. The Vice-chancellor for his unalloyed support in hosting 2014 NVA annual conference.


   Prof. Patrick E. Egbule
National President

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