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The ASSOCIATION OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATORS OF NIGERIA (AVTEN) was inaugurated in the 1970’s at the university of Nigeria Nsukka as a student organization in collaboration with international vocational associations.
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The Nigeria Vocational Association Conference 2012

The Nigeria Vocational Association (NVA). Delta State Chapter is delighted to host the 20th Annual International Conference with the theme.
“Achieving Sustainable National Economy through Vocational Education”. 
We invite you to join us for topical debate, collegiate discussion and superb Delta State hospitality. The theme will be discussed in the perspective of innovations, actions and evidences by researchers, lecturers and stakeholders.

24Th - 28TH JULY, 2012

key Note Address Presenter
Prof. Longmas Sambo Wapmuk, OON 
Director General/CEO
ITF HQ, Jos, Plateau State.

Chief Host 
Prof. Eric Arubayi
Vice Chancellor

Prof. Patrick Egbule
National President
Prof. P.O. Ikoya
Dean, Faculty Of 
Education, Delsu

A major characteristic of globalization is increased integration of national economies, worldwide. The present global economic meltdown is a reflection of challenges facing national economies (at private, public, and third sector which is the social economy) The challenges which include inflation, national disasters, climate change, wars, financial crises, unemployment, poverty and unhealthy government policies call for innovations, actions and evidences if sustainable national economies could be achieved.

Solutions to the challenges therefore require high level vocational skills and competence, innovative pedagogy and positive work attitudes. How does Vocational Educatipn meet the needs of the labour market in achieving stable national economies? What part do stakeholders (government, training institutions, parents and guardians, development ‘partners and employers) play in the achievement of sustainable national economies through vocational education? What are its innovations, actions and evidences for achieving poverty reduction and wealth creation through vocational education?


- Innovations for achieving sustainable national economy, poverty reduction and wealth creation through vocational education
- Actions for achieving sustainable national economy, poverty reduction and wealth creation through vocational education
- Evidences for achieving sustainable national, economy, poverty reduction and wealth creation through vocational education
These sub-thethes are to be addressed from the
perspective of the following vocational areas:
Agricultural Education and related occupations.
Home Economics (Family and Consumer Sciences)
* Bminess Education
* Technical Education
* Art Technology
* Physical and Health Education
* Computer ScienceEducation
* Economics Education
* Music Technology
Information and Communications Technology

Participants willing to present their papers are expected to adhere to the following instruction:

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words. The abstract must have the title of the paper, name and address of author(s) clearly written. All abstracts should be submitted on or before 30th of June, 2012 to nigeriavocationalassociation@gmail.corn

At least 25 copies of the papers to be presented should be brought to the conference venue. The paper should be typed on A4 size and double
spaced. It must not be more than 12 pages with references. References nust comply with current APA format.


Well researched papers will be published in the Associations Journal while good papers will appear in the Association’s Conference Proceedings.

Tuesday 24th July, 2012
Opening CeremonylLead Paper Presentation:
Wednesday 25th July, 2012
Technical Sessions:
Thursday 26th & Friday 27th
July, 2Q12
Saturday 28th July, 2012
Conference Venue:
Social Science Auditorium
Delta State University, Abraka


For further enquiries, please
the following:
Prof (Mrs) BA Ukpore
LOC Chairman
Email: hcsukpore@yahoo.com

Dr. Frank Oroka
LOC Secretary

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