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The ASSOCIATION OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATORS OF NIGERIA (AVTEN) was inaugurated in the 1970’s at the university of Nigeria Nsukka as a student organization in collaboration with international vocational associations.
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NIGERIA VOCATIONAL ASSOCIATION (NVA) Communique of the 19th Annual conference Held at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka from 16th - 19th November, 2011.

The Nigeria Vocational Association Conference was held at University of
Nigeria, Nsukka betweenl6th and 19th November, 2011 on the theme:

From the discussions and papers presented at the conference, the association resolved as follows:

1. That there is a low level of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria which to large extent is responsible for the high level of youth unemployment in the country.

2. That the present level of youth unemployment which has resulted to many vices such as kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism and hooliganism is of great concern to Nigerian Vocational Association. It is strongly believed that refocusing - Vocational Technical Education is a sure way of addressing the above challenges.

3. That the Government at different levels are finding it difficult to provide the graduates with paid employment.

4. That majority of Nigerian youths are unemployed mainly due to lack of skills and motivation

5. That ineffective human resource development is one of the constraints to most professionals in creating self employment and wealth especially in Vocational and Technical skills.

6. That curricular and teaching programme is not particularly relevant to the production needs and employment demands of the world of work.

7. That there is need for curricular restructuring in different areas of vocational education to meet employment or market demand.

8. That the Government should involve Nigerian Vocational Association in all
policies and programmes concerning entrepreneurship and Technical Vocational education in Nigeria

9. That Vocational and Technical education units should be empowered to set up business enterprises for instruction and profit making which will facilitate the development of entrepreneurship among the graduates.

10. That creation of enabling environment for the implementation of entrepreneurship education should be a joint venture between the government and private sector.

Prof PE Egbule

Dr. T.C Ogbuanya

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