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The ASSOCIATION OF VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATORS OF NIGERIA (AVTEN) was inaugurated in the 1970’s at the university of Nigeria Nsukka as a student organization in collaboration with international vocational associations.
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Nigeria Vovational Association (NVA) Membership Criteria

A member is defined as an individual or institution that has registered and paid the annual membership dues. The institution shall consist of four member groups namely, students, professional fellows, associate, and honorary fellows.

Members of the Association shall be persons interested and/or engaged in activities related o national vocational education and training. Such member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges o the Association without restriction.

Student members of the Association shall be persons interested in vocational education and training and registered as full or part—time student. Such members shah be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Association without restriction.

Institutional memberships shall be -restricted to organizations engaged in national vocational education and training pursuits. Each institutional member shall have the right to one individual, membership as representative affiliate memberships are offered o those organizations engaged in vocational education and training who subscribe to the purposes of the Association. Affiliate memberships are recommenced by their respective state organizations and approved by the Executive Committee on an annual basis. Affiliate members are expected to present an annual report of activities of interested to the Association. Reciprocal rights and privileges so be extended between states and affiliate -‘ember organizations.

The annual membership period for new members shall commence on the first day of the month after payment has been received by the treasurer and last for 12 months.

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